An open-source network automation software.

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About eNMS

The future of your network is Open Source.

eNMS is a Free and Open Source Software designed for building workflow-based network automation solutions.
It opens the power of network automation to companies whose business is their network.

eNMS is designed to be highly customizable. While it provides by default a number of services leveraging libraries such as Ansible, Netmiko and Napalm, absolutely any python script can be automatically integrated to the web platform, and used as component of a workflow.


Free and Open-Source

Available on Github and Gitlab.

Worklow Centric approach

Rapid and error-free automation through predefined workflows.


All sensitive information are stored in a Hashicorp Vault.

Highly customizable

Any python script can be used in a workflow.


Up to 50 000 devices per instance.


Cisco, Juniper, Arista, F5, Fortinet... or anything else.

Pricing Plan

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Self support

(∞ nodes)
  • Easy Installation
  • No support
$ 0 /Year


(< 10 000 nodes)
  • 8x5 email support
  • Enterprise features
$ 3 000 /Year


(∞ nodes)
  • High-priority support
  • Annual maintenance
$ 15 000 /Year


(∞ nodes)
  • 24x7 support
  • On-site trainings

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